About Energy Savers Home Performance

Born and raised in Gloucester, Corey Marshall and Corey Ricci-Munn were educated in the Gloucester school system prior to graduating from college. Having unique professional experiences, Marshall as a builder, Ricci-Munn as a marketing professional, they share a common vision of creating a customer centric company that exceeds expectations by providing excellent service and quality craftsmanship. Sharing a passion for energy efficiency and clean energy, in 2015, they formed Energy Savers Home Performance and haven't looked back.

As our growing list of clients can attest to, including homeowners, property managers, builders and architects, and real estate professionals, throughout every step of a project, our clients work directly with us, the owners, a truly unique benefit. We are your single point of communication. We generate your custom proposal. We are the installers on the day of your project. We are your piece of mind knowing you have qualified, skilled, and vested individuals managing and executing every aspect of your project. Furthermore, as an extension of our company, our team members share our vision while also passing a rigorous background and drug test prior to joining our company.

As a an energy efficiency and clean energy company, being environmentally conscious goes hand in hand. The products we prefer to install not only offer the highest performance, they also have the least environmental impact. We are also proud supporters of TownGreen2025, a local non profit who carries out critical work to educate and to improve our environment for future generations. 

Services We Provide

We spend a lot of time indoors. In fact, according to the Environment Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of their life inside. Energy Savers Home Performance helps create a more efficient, comfortable, and healthy home through the unique set of services we provide: energy efficiency upgrades, clean energy installations, and improving indoor air quality.

Energy Efficiency

Serving Eastern Massachusetts, we help over 200 families a year live more efficiently and comfortably by providing weatherization upgrades. From new construction to retrofit applications, we have established a reputation as the premier choice for all your weatherization needs. Our building science knowledge, daily field experience, and continuing education result in a comprehensive understanding of how homes perform, how prescribing efficiency upgrades may affect the home, while knowing how to maximize the return on your investment.

We are also a Mass Save® Partner serving 1-4 family residences as well as 5+ multifamily properties. Offering generous rebates and incentives for insulation upgrades, air sealing, heating and hot water equipment, 0% financing for qualified individuals, and much more, customers who participate in the program receive outstanding efficiency upgrades that are financially viable.

Another benefit of the Mass Save program is a third party organization, CLEAResult, conducts a no-cost home energy assessment, recommends qualifying energy efficiency upgrades, then assigns work to a qualified Mass Save Partner like us. This model gives customers the piece of mind knowing that their investment in energy efficiency upgrades is in their best interest, while yielding the best performance results. To top it off, CLEAResult also conducts inspections to assure all work was performed correctly and that no safety issues exist.

In November 2017, we were one of eight contractors selected by the MA Department of Energy Resources to participate in a residential energy efficiency pilot called Home Energy Market Value Performance Pilot (MVP Pilot). The MVP pilot is a performance based model, meaning the greater the energy reduction based on energy modeling software and scope of work, the more incentives a customer receives, which help offset the cost of the project. Featuring a customized energy efficiency solution, including spray foam insulation, solar, windows, HVAC, heating equipment and more, the MVP Pilot allows us to use a wide range of products to treat the whole home in order to improve the overall efficiency, comfortability, and health of the home. Qualified customers can even utilize a 0% loan, up to $25,000, offered by the DOER, for qualifying energy improvements.

We are also proud to participate in the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) offered through Action Inc. in Gloucester. An income eligible program, we help identify and fulfill efficiency measures for individuals and families who benefit the most. From air sealing to reduce leaks, insulation upgrades to keep you more comfortable, lighting and ventilation improvements and much more, our services help create a more efficient and comfortable home, while helping lower monthly utility expenses.

Clean energy

Solar is not created equal. Panel degradation, power production, durability, warranty, price, and more all factor into the return on your investment. A SunPower loyalty dealer and installer, we offer beautiful solar arrays that produce the most power, provide an industry leading 25 year complete-system warranty, and are built to last. Our extensive knowledge with federal, state, and local incentives allow us to simplify complex language and put it in terms the are easy for homeowners to understand. The bottom line: whether a purchased or leased system, our customers gain a new appreciation of how solar works, the differences that exist between SunPower and competing brands, as well as the knowledge knowing they received the very best solar package available on the market today.

indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns. Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. Therefore, in conjunction with weatherization upgrades or as a stand alone improvement, we provide solutions that improve IAQ including: contaminated insulation removal, duct sealing, moisture containment systems, and powered and static ventilation installations.

Meet the Team

Corey Marshall, Owner


Born and raised in Gloucester Massachusetts, Corey always had a passion for travel and adventure. Despite traveling around Europe, Central America, Hawaii, and all over North America, he always found himself drawn back to Cape Ann. In 2009 Corey built his own home in Rockport, and now enjoys sharing his love of adventure with his wife Katie, son Brendan, and daughter Emma.

Corey attended Green Mountain College, Arizona State University, and Salem State College. He earned a Bachelors of Science in Geography, with an emphasis on Architecture and City Planning. His love for architecture and construction led him to pursue a career in home building. After 12 years of construction and property management he created North Coast Building and Remodeling Inc. Whether building homes for customers or purchasing and rehabbing them, Corey has a passion for quality and craftsmanship.

Corey’s knowledge of building construction and his passion for creating more efficient and healthier homes for customers led him to his current venture, Energy Savers Home Performance; an energy efficiency and clean energy company with unmatched attention to detail and customer service, with a focus on providing the best possible value to every customer.

Corey Ricci-Munn, Owner

Corey Ricci-Munn bio

Since trading a warm corporate office in 2011 for the extreme heat of summer attics and prevailing winds in the dead of winter, Corey Ricci-Munn has not looked back. Whether in the field insulating a home with spray foam, installing a SunPower solar array, or in his home office developing business strategy, Corey enjoys combining his formal education and corporate marketing and branding experience with hands on physical labor and problem solving.

Corey is a passionate and focused individual who cares about creating a sustainable planet that future generations can enjoy. Through energy efficiency and clean energy services provided by his company, Ricci-Munn is satisfied knowing he is helping people live more efficiently and comfortably, while playing a small role in creating a healthier planet.

A 1995 Massachusetts Division 1 Cross Country State Champion, Corey was recruited by numerous colleges and universities, ultimately deciding to attend Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. During his tenure at Iona, Corey earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. A retired competitive runner, Corey traveled and competed across the United States, including three NCAA Division 1 Cross Country Championships. With 80 to 90 mile weeks behind him, Corey now enjoys spends his free time raising his son Axel with his wife Adrienne, cooking and baking family meals, riding his road bike, and playing acoustic guitar.

Anthony Orlando - Crew Member


Born and raised in Gloucester, Anthony Orlando is a 2016 graduate of Essex Technical High School where he focused his studies on computer technology. While in school, Anthony participated in numerous SkillsUSA events in website design and computer application. Skilled in martial arts, Anthony dedicated eight years to learning Tae Kwon Do, earning his black belt at only 18. During his martial arts training, he competed in many sparing competitions winning gold or silver medals in every competition he participated in.

Prior to joining Energy Savers Home Performance, Anthony worked with his father as a novelty vendor working parades, carnivals, and events throughout the United States. In his free time Anthony enjoys spending time with his friends, working on his Chevy Monte Carlo, traveling to new places, and taking photography.


Licenses and Certifications

Construction Supervisor License: CS-107327
Home Improvement Contractor: 176803
Building Performance Institute: Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge
Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor License: LR0002916
Mass Save Certified Crew Chief, Duct Sealing and Insulation
Fully Insured