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With a unique set of experiences, including fifteen years of building, six years of weatherization, eight years of product marketing, as well as undergraduate and graduate school training, Energy Savers Home Performance is the premier choice for all your weatherization needs. Providing unmatched craftsmanship, detailed communications, clear and accurate timetables as well as fair pricing, we have quickly established ourselves as the premier weatherization resource throughout Essex County.  Additionally, we have a passion for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, while promoting renewable energy products and services, which fuels our desire to help you save energy and promote a healthier planet.  Get to know us more by reading our bio's below.

Corey Marshall Family

Corey Marshall, Owner

Born and raised in Gloucester Massachusetts, Corey always had a passion for travel and adventure.  Despite traveling around Europe, Central America, Hawaii, and all over North America, he always found himself drawn back to Cape Ann.  In 2009 Corey built his own home in Rockport, and now enjoys sharing his love of adventure with his wife Katie, son Brendan, and daughter Emma.

Corey attended Green Mountain College, Arizona State University, and Salem State College.  He earned a Bachelors of Science in Geography, with an emphasis on Architecture and City Planning.  His love for architecture and construction led him to pursue a career in home building.  After 12 years of construction and property management he created North Coast Building and Remodeling Inc.  Whether building homes for customers or purchasing and rehabbing them, Corey has a passion for quality and craftsmanship.

Corey’s knowledge of building construction and his passion for creating more efficient and healthier homes for customers led him to his current venture, Energy Savers Home Performance.  A weatherization company with unmatched attention to detail and customer service, with a focus on providing the best possible value to every customer.

Corey Ricci-Munn bio

Corey Ricci-Munn, Owner

Since trading a warm corporate office in 2011 for the extreme heat of summer attics and prevailing winds in the dead of winter, Corey Ricci-Munn has not looked back.  Fulfilled and satisfied professionally, Corey truly enjoys combining his formal education and corporate marketing and branding experience with hands on physical labor and problem solving.

Corey is driven to build and sustain a successful local weatherization business, one that focuses on four core principles: provide high quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service, precise timetables, and balanced pricing.

A “retired” competitive runner, competing in three NCAA Division 1 Cross Country Championships, Corey now spends his free time raising his son Axel with his wife Adrienne, studying authentic Victorian house plans, reading building science articles and planning a return trip to Europe.


Iona College, Masters of Business Administration – Marketing – 2003

Iona College, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications – Public Relations – 2001