Home Energy Market Value Performance Pilot

Do you live in a city or town that provides its residents with municipal utilities, but a lack of energy efficiency rebates and incentives that other Massachusetts residents enjoy? Or are you a customer who is looking for a customized energy efficiency solution, including spray foam insulation, solar, windows, HVAC, heating equipment and more to create a more efficient, comfortable, and healthy home? Well, we have great news for you.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has created the Home Energy Market Value Performance Pilot, and we, Energy Savers Home Performance, were selected as one of eight premier energy efficiency contractors in Massachusetts to test the program and report the results.

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energy assessment and modeling

During your no-cost, no-commitment Home Energy Assessment, we listen to your concerns and ask probing questions to create a customized solution that results in the greatest efficiency and comfortability improvements. Based on energy modeling software, we then provide you with initial incentives based on the scope of work. Over the next 12 months, additional performance incentives may be extended based on actual energy use reductions. In one or both cases, these incentives help offset the total cost of the project. Qualified customers can even utilize a 0% loan, up to $25,000, offered by the DOER, for qualifying energy improvements.

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Customized efficiency upgrades

Helping over 200 families a year live more efficiently and comfortably throughout Eastern Massachusetts, we have the experience to offer solutions that result in the greatest efficiency gains and the skill set to assure projects are completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, safely.

With a focus on treating the entire home through the Home MVP Pilot, our extensive partnerships with premier electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and HVAC contractors allow us to package and streamline efficiency upgrades that yield the greatest benefits while assuring quality craftsmanship.

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use less, save more

Now that you've created a more efficient, comfortable, and healthy home, it's time to start enjoying the return on your investment. But did you know changing household behavior can play a significant role in further reducing energy consumption? Our extensive knowledge of the impacts of energy efficiency improvements as well as behavioral changes that result in additional savings combine to assure you maximize your reduction in energy usage.


Program Elgibility

- 1-4 family residential homes (owner occupied, condo's, and rental units)
- Access to prior 12 months of utility bills
- Renters must have landlord permission
- Low-income households are not eligible
- MVP participants agree to provide energy usage data