Create a Healthy Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans, on average, spend 90% of their lives indoors where concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. Therefore, assuring quality indoor air is critical to providing a healthy environment for you and your family. Our unique set of services offer solutions that improve the quality of your air and overall health of your home.

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moisture containment

Moisture can wreak havoc in a home. Not only can prolonged moisture compromise building materials, it can also lead to mildew and mold growth. Locating then addressing sources of moisture is critical to the overall health of the home and those who live there.

A cost effective method of containing bulk moisture in crawlspaces or basements is to install a vapor barrier over exposed dirt. Heavy plastic that is sealed to the perimeter of a location will prevent ground moisture from traveling through a home resulting in dryer indoor air that no longer smells musty.

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When considering insulation upgrades, assuring proper ventilation is critical to the overall health of the home. Why? Weatherization services change the dynamics of how a home performs. By air sealing, we create a "tighter" home and by adding insulation, homes become warmer or cooler, both in conditioned and unconditioned locations, depending on the season. Therefore, it is critical to address any moisture concerns, specifically ventilating bath, dryer, or kitchen fans to the exterior or adding attic ventilation to provide excess heat or moisture a path to escape.

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Insulation Removal

Some homes contain attic insulation that is littered with debris, rodent droppings, signs of mold or mildew or is so deteriorated, that it is time to remove and start fresh. Our powerful insulation removal vacuum quickly removes these contaminants providing you with a clean and safe starting point for your new insulation project.

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HVAC duct sealing

Besides being one of the top three energy wasters in most homes, leaky ductwork, especially those located in dirt crawlspaces or unconditioned attics can pose real problems. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab found that duct systems leak on average about 10% of the supply air they move and 12% of the return air. What does that mean for indoor air quality? A supply line leak in an unconditioned attic or musty crawlspace pulls contaminated air into the HVAC system and distributes it throughout your home. Supply line leaks can also create a negative pressure, which can result in additional infiltration of outdoor air into a home. Return leaks on the other hand blow air removed from inside your home into the location where the air handler is located. If the air handler is located in an unconditioned attic, warm conditioned air can condense on cold surface and may over time create mold. The bottom line, seal then insulate your HVAC system if located in an unconditioned space. Doing so will improve indoor air quality and also balance your HVAC system for increased comfort.